Student Author: ANDRES GARCIA

Oswald Veblen


Year Born: 24 June 1880

Year Died: Aug 1960

birth place: Decorah, Iowa, USA

Where did he or she study?University of Iowa in 1894

Where was most of his or her career spent? At Princeton University

What were important books written by this mathematician?
His interest in the foundations of geometry led to his work on the axiom systems of projective geometry. Together with John Wesley Young he published Projective geometry (1910-18).
What were important ideas developed by this mathematician?
Veblen's Analysis Situs (1922) provided the first systematic coverage of the basic ideas of topology and contributed to the development of modern topology
Did this mathematician have any famous students?
Henry Whitehead, and Eliakim Moore
How do we apply this mathematician's work today?