Sequoyah Middle School's Math Hall of Fame
A Work In Progress

Brought to you by the Mathematical Minds of Mrs. Tyler's Seventh Grade Pre-Algebra Classes

A site where mathematicians are nominated by middle school students.

Our school was named after Sequoyah, A Cherokee, and one of America's intellectual giants.
He invented an alphabet for his people.
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More mathematicians will be added as their nominations are received and processed These links go to web pages that are still in the draft stage.
Student Sponsor Mathematician
D.D. Banneker
Maribel Velasquez Bari
Soriano Boutroux
Diego Garcia Cantor
Lisel Cambron Einstein 1
Thomas Einstein 2
Chaparra Ramsey
Eli Rota
Laquetta Shannon
Khan Pham Turing
Andres Garcia Veblen
Jesse Von Neumann