Student Author:Khanh Pham

Alan Turing


Year Born: : June 23,1912

Year Died: June 8, 1954

birth place: London

Where did he or she study?English Public School

Where was most of his or her career spent?Quantum Mechanic

What were important books written by this mathematician?
Alan didnít publish any book. But he written a report on the thing that he know and that may him famous. He written a report that know body had read before, when the other people done reading they thought that was important. Most people think that will relate to their life.
What were important ideas developed by this mathematician?
Alan have many idea on the write of his word. At first he didnít think that his work are good at all. And the teacher also talk about his work. And that lose his confident on him self. But when he started writing again he didnít this time his work is good. Then he read his story to other people then his story get famous.
Did this mathematician have any famous students?
No because he was learn about science and he didnít teach any body and he didnít have any student to teach to. Alan was not a teacher but he learn from the teacher that he learn thing from. In his life he never teach any student for him self.
How do we apply this mathematician's work today?
Alan work was published near 1936. And now Alan work still publish today and he still famous. At first his work, was bad all of Alan complain about his work. His work give a lot of generate attention for him and his idea came to publish.