Student Author:ELI

Gian-Carlo Rota


Year Born: : 27 April 1932.

Year Died: 18 April 1999.

birth place:

Where did he or she study? At the age of 18, in 1950, Rota began his studies at Princeton University, receiving a BA summa cum laude in 1953. He then entered Yale University, studying mathematics and obtaining his Master's Degree in

Where was most of his or her career spent? Yale University

What were important books written by this mathematician?
His major contributions to mathematics included his operator theory and cominational theory and his work on functional analysis. He wrote many papers in these areas and received the Steele Prize in 1988 from the American Mathematical Society for his 1964 paper On the Foundations of Combinatorial Theory.
What were important ideas developed by this mathematician?
Cominational theory his work on functional analysis.
Did this mathematician have any famous students?
he taghut a very good student and his name was not found on my reaserch
How do we apply this mathematician's work today?
in communication and also in the unversity at MIT.