Student Author: Thomas

Albert Einstein

Description: He is known for the greatest mathematician.

Year Born: 1879

Year Died: 1955

birth place: Bavaria on March 14, 1879

Where did he or she study?Did most of his studying outside of school

Where was most of his or her career spent?in a Patent Office exposing himself to many ideas

What were important books written by this mathematician?
• Published Special Theory of Relativity, 1905
• Published General Theory of Relativity, 1916
What were important ideas developed by this mathematician?
• Pointed out problems with Newton's theories which ended the reign of classical physics • Devised the Theory of Relativity • Proved that space and time are curved • Postulated that it is impossible to travel at the speed of light • Made important contributions to Quantum Theory
Did this mathematician have any famous students?
• He doesn’t have any famous students
How do we apply this mathematician's work today?
We still use nuclear bomb. Formula: E=mc2