Student Author: D.D.

Benjamin Banneker


Year Born: Nov. 9, 1731

Year Died: 1806

birth place: near Baltimore

Where did he or she study?He attends a small school near Baltimore. Thatís open to blacks and whites, during the slavery times. Only several time during the winter he attends. And what he donít know, he taught himself.

Where was most of his or her career spent? Most of his career was spent being an astronomer. He was also good at carving wood. In 1753 he carve a clock made out of wood. Only help he have were a pocket watch and a picture of a clock. And the clock kept almost a perfect time. The clock lasted for 50 years.

What were important books written by this mathematician?
Benjamin didnít publish any important books. But he did make an almanac. And a lot of people were impress by it. Because of his skill, and that he was a different race.
What were important ideas developed by this mathematician?
When Benjamin finish making his first almanac, he sent it to Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. He also attach with his almanac a letter trying to help end slavery. So Jefferson, people of his race, and other were impress. Because that almanac shows the abilities of black people, which proved to people that say they canít, now can say they can.
Did this mathematician have any famous students?
Benjamin did not have any famous student. Because he wasnít a teacher, but he was an astronomer, farmer, mathematician, and surveyor.
How do we apply this mathematician's work today?
? Because of Benjamin white people now can believe that people beside their race can do things that they can do or even better.