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Crye/Cry Family Newslatter
Issue 3 VOL I  Summer 1998
Anita Green, Editor


Letters To The Editor
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Dear Ms. Green:
    I fouond your post card among some material and wanted to inquire about your progress regarding the CRYE name.  I hahil from Crye heritage in Blount County, TN.  Please update me with information that you have obtained regarding this strand of CRYE and the origens of the name.

P.A. Crye

Ms. Crye:
    I think you will find this issue very interesting as I have included a partial manuscript shared from Larry Crye.  I will be happy to send you the information that I have regarding this line.  Thank you so much for your letter and additional addresses.

Hi Anita:
I would like to receive a copy of your newsletter and a copy of the family tree questionnaire which I will fill out.  I will look forward to hearing from you. 

    On the 1870 census you show Susan L. (Age 24) and George W. Crisp as living with William Crye, family of Hugh H.  There is a script note that Hugh married Susan who was the daughter of Sarah and Rice Crisp/  On the 1880 census, Hugh is married to Susan A (age 25).  The ages and middle initials do not match up.  I find this curious, don't you?  I you have any  ideas, let me know.

Hi Anita:
    I don't know if anyone else has answered your question or not, but here goes.  The Cherokee people had a sort of "clan" system within the tribes that followed the mother's linnage.  There was the dog (actually wolf), bird, deer, wild potato, paint, blue and long hair.  One member of each clan was "appointed" to Cherokee council who ruled over the entire tribe.  Out of the seven clans each person had close ties with four of the clans, namely their mothers, father's grandmother's and grandfather's clans.  People were encourraged to marry someone from one of their grandparents clans.



Please send all responces  for queries to:
Anita Green 1555 Lewis Street  Cleveland, TN 37311
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1.    I have been looking for my great grandmother (may have been named Mary Elizabeth CRYE) who married John Silver and moved to Cadillac area of Central Michigan.  Do you have a Michigan connection?  There is a Jacob Silver marrying MAtilda Ellen Crye in Paulding Ohio, but I think that is an uncle. Any help would be appreciated.   e-mail  Rusty,

2.  Looking for connections to Elisha or Elihu CRYE who were in Blount Co., TN ca 1829 and are buried in the Williamson Cemt in Blount Co, TN.

3.  Seeking Parents of Thomas Crye (1858-1929) who married Elizabeth HANNAH(1868-1929).  Both are buried in Avon Cemetery, NY. There seems to be a HANNAH and CRYE connection coming from Union Co, NC in 1860.

4. Looking for descendents of David Crye who married Hettie FUTCH, March 13, 1874 in Scott Co. Mississippi.  Was this David also known as William, David William and was he also possibly married to Elizabeth?

5. Australia CRYE'S.  Elizabeth Corkill, chr 1833 Jurby IOM, mother was Eliza CRYE, father John Crye.  Eliza had a sister Ann who also came to Australia, but can not find out when.  Do you connect with this family.

6.  Andrew Walker married Sarah CRYE, they have a daughter Elizabeth Walker who married Aaron HOUSTON.  Any information on this family line would be helpful.       http:/ Homepage

7.  Sarah CRYE and Andrew WALKER have a daughter named Ester Catherine WALKER who married Aaron HOUSTON.  Could she and her sister Elizabeth who James Newell HOUSTON married brothers?

8.  Looking for descendants of Johnathan Cry and Unice Lytle who were married in Grant Co., Indiana, 1856.     1860 Census list them with children Joseph 4; Elizabeth 2; and Peter 1.