My Resources

The strategic Approach to techology in my school is one of concentrating resources in the Computer Lab with minimal resources distributed out among the classrooms.
There is one Pentium III computer in my classroom and it does triple duty as an
  • administrative support devidce
  • communications system
  • instructional tool

The primary software installed on my machine includes
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PhotoEditor
  • MS Access
  • MS PowerPoint
There are two tremendous strengths to this suite of applications.
First is modularity of the object components and second is the inclusion of the incredably powerful VBA.

Teachers who do not take advantage of the VBA included in these applications are missing out on 99% of the power they have for developing instructional aids for their students. With the inclusion of VBA in a world of MS Windows and Script-Literate browsers the various appications are all merging (this was a big part of the suit against MicroSoft) and knowing how to distinguish among the various applications is rapidly evolving into a 'short term' skill because they can all be used to produce interactive products that can be sent over the web or used on the desk-top and the products produced by one are becoming accessable to the other.

Example: Data Files produced in Word, Excel, or Power Points can all be fed into Access and then either directly quiried by ASP / ISS code or fed to SQL Server to be be quiried over the internet. The idea of seaparte applications for separate tasks is obsolite. The default Browser is MS Internet Explorer In my classroom there is