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               Attached you will find a copy of your child’s syllabus for Mathematics III, for the first semester. We encourage parents to help their children be successful by setting aside a special time for studying and homework. Students also do best when they come to class prepared and ready to learn. Daily attendance is imperative. Your support and input is vital. Do not hesitate to call the school if you have questions or concerns. Please sign the cover letter and return to your child’s mathematics teacher indicating that you have read the syllabus. Thank you!










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Teacher                                                                                  Semester: First 2002-2003



Team _________________________________Classroom #       113


General Course Description: This course is standards based and presents a balance of conceptual understanding, skills and problem solving. Topics included this semester are:

Geometry and Measurement, Problem Solving Strategies, and Proportionality. Emphasis is placed on analyzing characteristics and properties of geometric figures, applying appropriate techniques, tools, and formulas to measurement, and to understand the basic concepts of proportionality. Applications and problem solving are an integral part of this course. The Mathematics III course provides prerequisite skills for Algebra I.


Course Outline / Major Units of Study


1.   Geometric Measurement:

a.    Measurement as approximation

b.    Edges, girth, face, diagonals as measures of length

c.    Conversions between units---metric and standard

d.    Points, lines and angles

e.    Parallel lines

f.    Angle measure

g.    Area, surface area

h.    Perimeter

i.     Volume

j.    Polygons

k.    Plane and solid figures

1.    Similarity and congruency

m.   Translations, rotations

2.   Algebra / Proportionality

a.    Proportional relationships

b.    Ratio, proportion

c.    Graphs, formulas, tables


Textbook and References

*          America’s Choice Core Assignment Modules National Center on Education and Economics

*          Middle Grades Math Tools for Success. Course III Prentice Hall, 2001 Price: $43.47


Artifacts:    Supplies! Materials

*          Textbook

*          Loose leaf notebook paper

*          Math Notebook

*          “Number 2” Pencils

*          Journal





Rituals:     Class Rules

*          Come to class prepared and on time

*          Bring all artifacts to class unless told otherwise by the teacher

*          Sharpen pencils before class begins

*          Respect others and school property

*          Keep your work area clean

*          Take notes and participate in class

*          Complete all class assignments

*          Follow all written and verbal directions



         *           Quizzes                                                15%

         *           Tests                                                    15%

         *           Class work & Participation                    50%

         *           Homework                                            10%

         *           Final                                                      10%


Dekalb Gradin2 Scale

            A = 90-100


C = 71-79

D =70

F = 0-69


Make-up Work


All students who have legal excuses for being absent or are removed from the class setting by the school administration (suspensions etc.) will be able to make-up missed assignments.


Important Dates for the Semester


August 12, 2002                                         First Day of School

August 26-September 6,2002                       Eighth Grade New Standards Reference Exam

August 30,2002                                          Early Release / Staff Development

September 2, 2002                                      Labor Day

October 7-16, 2002                                     COGAT Test

October 18, 2002                                        Teacher Staff Development Day No Students

November 4-8,2002                                    Renzulli (Impact Placement)

November 5, 2002                                      Teacher Workday / Election Day No Students

November 26, 2002                                    Early Release / Staff development Day

November 27-29, 2002                                Thanksgiving Observance Schools Closed

December 20, 2002                                    End of First Semester

December 23, 2002-January 5,2003             Winter Holidays

January 6,2003                                           Return to School / Teacher Workday

January 7,2003                                           Students Return to School