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When you go from a globe to a flat map feature distortions occure in all of the following except
[a] Shape
[b] Color
[c] Distance
[d] Direction
[e] Area

Distortions only occure when you try to map the entire globe on top a flat map

[a] true
[b] false

The set of major types of projections includes all of the following except

[a] Trapizoidal
[b] Conical
[c] Cylindrical
[d] Pseudocylindrical
[e] Azimuthal

To demonstrate Stereographic Projection you would need

[a] A ball and a cylinder
[b] A ball and two cones
[c] A ball, cylinder, and cone
[d] A cylinder and cone
[e] Two balls

A Graticule is

[a] another term for a flat map
[b] another term for a globe
[c] a point on a globe's surface defined by longitude and latitude
[d] a German term for the results of calculations of a Reimann Transformation
[e] None of the above
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