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Page Development Process

Because of prior experiences which mal-performing Tripod frames with some viewing platforms I decided exicute the pages in a frameless environment. That is sacreficed a superior design feature to facilitate a wider access from more viewers.

The pages for this web exercise were initially composed using a share ware edition of TRELIS a WYSIWYG web design tool using a HP pentium III machine running Windows ME. However, when the pages were uploaded through the TRELIX built in FTP it's smart scripts re-wrote the names to almost of my html files and image files. So all the tags had to be rewritten by hand using the Tripod free-form editor. Most of the navigation code had to be remotely changed by hand also.

The illustrations are from a un-copyrighted poster published by the US Department of the Interior, Geological Survey entitled Map Projections. Recent calls to the Survey suggest that this poster is is currently out of print and unavialable.

The sections of the poster were scanned in Paper Port at 200 DPI Color resolution. Large scanned files were exported as *.jpg files. The appropriate sections of the large files were selected and cropped in EasyPicture of CoffeeCup Plus Viewer.

Some pages, like this one , were thought of after the set had been uploaded so othey were made entirely by hand remotelly through the free form editor.

The reason I chose the Caddo head pot was because the incised rendering of the bird tatoos are often difficult to recognize on the nearly spherical pot -- ie even the ancients had problems projecting from flat drawings to round.