I have seen the marked leaf, but...
Mother Spirit of Truth - Only a fool or a very cruel man would mark a leaf with these words.

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Every child knows this is terribly wrong. The hook and weight go the "Spear Thrower" not the spear. Even a great hunter will die if he tries to hunt a rhino by throwing his spear thrower at the beast. If the man who wrote this believed it, he did not live long. If he did not believe it, and marked lies he was hoping foolish children would be killed on their first hunting trip.

* Cave Art from Lascoux France
ca 19,000 year old
It shows a dead/dying hunter with his spear thrower next to him
and his spear be a wounded bison.

Did any hunters or children believe these marks?

Young hunter, there are wise men who know the truth but these marks were given to the children and there was no one to tell them the truth.

Mother spirit, did all the children die when they tried to hunt by throwing their speartrowers at beasts like cave bears?

Young hunter, the great beasts only live in our paintings and in the spirit world when these marks are made.
The children do not die but they do not know the truth.

While I am in this dream I will send the children of this day paintings of the truth about spear throwers.
I will send them through their lighting boxes.

Spirit, will the people of this future day know the the truth or
will they believe the untruth in bundle of sewn leaves?

I mark this dream message with my own hand.

Do not worry young hunter. Enough of them will learn the truth.
Let your vision quest end with these images of this day without ice, beasts or spirits.

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