Welcome to your dream young hunter

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I am the spirit of truth.
It is not easy for you to see me like the spirits
of the mastadon or the cave bear,
but I am real and you need to know me.

We begin by traveling very far --
not across land or ice or water but across days.
That is why I come to you in a dream.
WE will jump far ahead to a time when no one will remember your great, great, grand children.

In this day men do not learn from the spirits.
They learn from other humans, men and women.
They learn from leaves sewn together with strange marks and pictures.
They learn from lightning that they send through vines from boxes in their caves
to boxes in other caves.

Young hunter, I know the question in you heart --
Do they learn the truth from these boxes and lightning and marked leaves?

Young hunter, the game we stalk, is the answer to that question.
But your flint knife, your spear and your throwing stick will not
help you to track the way of truth
Nor will your swift legs and strong arms help
To hunt truth you must use you eyes and ears
But even the blind and deaf and lame can hunt truth
if their minds are clear, and shapre, and brave.
The hunters with timid, dull and lazy minds will never feast on truth!

First I must give you the power to understand these marks on the sewn leaves.
Your head will ache at first but not for long
now look at this marked leaf and understand what it says
When you have understood, tell me if there is truth marked on the leaf!