My undergraduate studies were in mathematics and computer science. I later returned to school be certified to teacher secondary math.

However very little of my old FORTRAN training for mainframes is of much good anymore. First there was the desktop revolution and now the internet/www revolution. And the MS Office suit of applications is rapidly evolving to the web environment so that the Browser and the OS will be inseperable. We will be producing product that will not be used on a single stand-alone machine but will intereact over the web either in a server-client manner or in the peer-to-peer mode.

Anyway my formal training did not prepare me for the world of the Browser Operating system and I am having to re-train myself.

I have not been trained by the school, nor, I suppose have expected the school to pay to train me.
The only technology training opportunities the system has made available to me were to learn proprietary software for administrative support that was not as powerful as MS Excel. The provided contracted software may have been easier to use in the short term for the novice but it lacked the programming power of Excel with VBA.

I have prepared instructional aids, and guided student projects in VBA enriched Word, Excel, Power Point and Access (for advanced students). It is only rarely that I use commercially prepared instructional software.
I have self trained in Visual Pascal, VISUAL C++ and VISUAL Basic (VB) for DOS and early versions of windows. For curent software I have self trained and taken on-line tutorials for VB6, and the VBA the edition of VB included in the usual MS Office Applications.