Frontiers Update Committee

1st Meeting, December 7, 2002


Location: Jack Tyler’s DCA Office, Atlanta            Time: 10 am-12:35 pm

Committee Members Attending:  Rita Elliott, Mary Beth Reed, Betsy Shirk, Jack Tyler, Allen Vegotsky.  Ellen Provenzano could not attend, but sent written comments.


Everyone, please review this draft of the minutes and send any comments or corrections to me by noon on Friday (December 13), so I can send them out to the committee.  Thanks!



The meeting began with a brief update discussion, including the good news from Betsy that the Carl Vinson Institute was very likely to publish Frontiers in the Soil  (6,000 copies) and the teachers’ manual as early as this spring (March, 2003).  Each committee member then discussed what areas of the teachers’ manual needed updating or modification, including the written comments sent by Ellen.  These concerns included avoiding sexims, updating the resource portion of the book and manual, including SGA information, correcting any typos or inaccuracies in both the book and manual, addressing the absence of any pedagogical/education theory such as Bloom’s taxonomy or the multiple intelligencies theory, reducing the extent of the data in the manual, shortening lengthy sections, addressing the lack of lesson plans, modifying the too in-depth glossary, addressing the lack of extensive classroom activities revolving around discussion topics, focusing too much on teaching Anthropology/Archaeology rather than using it as a multidisciplinary teaching tool, addressing the overwhelming amount of material and lack of many graphics, and making the manual more interesting, user-friendly and fun for the user.


Having said that, the committee tried to focus on everthing that could be changed and still meet the publication deadline.  The Carl Vinson Institute would need the revisions by mid-January.  The following revisions were agreed upon and parceled out to committee members.  (Ellen, you owe us-we didn’t draft you for one single thing!  But we hope you can contribute by editing, along with the rest of us, the draft version that we will be placing on our own private web site to update and modify. .. OK, I had to come back to this section and admit that we did put you down to send Jack the QCCs you have already pulled together that work for archaeology in your program.  Please let me know if you can’t email this to him.)


Things the Committee Will Change Now in the Teachers’ Manual (responsible committee member in parentheses):



Allen, as Grand Poo-Bah, will be in charge of merging all the revisions emailed to him by each committee member into one document, and sending it as a HTML document to Jack, who will upload it on the private web site he will make for the committee.


Additional Notes

Lesson Plans should include things like:  goals/outcomes, what learning types/intelligences will be covered, what content should be mastered, what materials will be used, the amount of time to be spent, etc.


Do revisions in Word, Times New Roman.


Copy, reduce, cut, and paste the  “Bird Sitting on Warning Sign” at back of Frontiers whenever you need to emphasize the “no digging without archaeologists ethic” in your revision activities.


Include graphics, photographs, worksheets, etc. in the activities whenever possible.


Jack will try to include QCCs for other subjects such as math, science, etc., if there is time.


Other To-Dos

Betsy will clarify with Carl Vinson Institute exactly when they need the revisions, and if Frontiers can be sent to the printer first, before the manual.


Mary Beth will find out more info about Jannie’s book.


Rita will ask Dan to read Frontiers with an eye to any errors or inaccuracies.


Notice there are still a couple of items with no one claiming ownership (or maybe I just didn’t catch them in the minutes.)


Everyone review the draft document after it is posted on the web.



As you may recall, we agreed to send Allen our e-revisions (and a hard copy) by December 21, 2002.  (Don’t let the list overwhelm you!)  As Mary Beth said, if you find yourself over your head without possibility of making the deadline send out an SOS to one of us, and/or to Rita.


Good luck.  May the force be with you! Or Harry Potter, or Gandalf, or whatever!