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American Civil War Service:  Cryes From Southern States
Anita Crye Green
Compiled and Transmitted Oct.5, 1998
Note: Comments with ( ) are by Anita Crye Green while comments in square brackets [ ] were inscerted by the web master.
This page contains summaries of the Confederate and Federal service records of Cry/Crye men from Southern States
prepared by Anita Crye Green..
As more information is collecected we hope to post individual pages on each of these men.
Alphbetical Listing       Listing by State and Service

Alphabetical Listing of Crye Veterans from the
Southern States
      James J. Crye              J. E. Crye          James Crye          Henry Clay Crye
      Richard Crye          Joseph B. Crye          Hugh Crye
         Johnathon Crye
         H. C. Crye

Georgia - Confederate Service

James J Crye

[Married Frances Reddock Oct 16. 1855 - Marion County, GA - his widow later re-married William Baker Spinks]

From [Marion County] GA, Co. C, 9th Battn GA Artillery His first enlistment consists of five cards, stating he enlisted in Columbus, GA April 1, 1862 for three years. Born in NC, height 5ft 6in, with black hair, and black eyes with dark complexion. He was a farmer weighing 135 pounds, age 34. April/May roll call he is listed as present and charged a tailor bill for his uniform, costing 18.00. June 10, 1862 he is listed with a Bounty Payroll card paying $50.00 and he is present, May & June 1862 he is listed as present last paid by H.T. Massingale. Remarks say he died May 21, 1862.

Index to GA pensioners states, James Crye, serv Co C 9th Battn GA ARt, see Francis [Reddoch/Crye] Spinks, wd of, Marion Co. GA.

(According to my records he is the son of David Crye and Holly Elizabeth Tuck. David is the son of Sarah Hagan & William Crye [Rev. War vet].)


Richard Crye
 GA 12th Inf Co. K.[ His military records consists of only four cards. He enlisted June 15, 1861 in Buena Vista, [Marion County] GA under Capt Breedford, was present for roll call, never paid. His name appears on a register of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from Georgia March 17, 1862. He was due $114.96 an din October 1861 he is listed as killed October 3, 1861 at the battle of Bartow.

In a book entitled Roster of GA Conf Soldiers I found, Richard Crye, Pvt 6/15/1861, killed at Greenbrier River WVA, October 3, 1861.
[Camp Bartow CSA, was along the Greenbrier River - federal forces made an early morning assult but were turned back -
  For more information see links on the  Richard Crye page.]


Mississippi: Confederate Service

J.E. Crye
From MS, 36th Inft Co F. (No MS information available from my library)


Tennessee:  Confederate Service

James Cry
Co. B 16 Batt'n (Neal's)
His military record consists of four cards, he enrolled in Athens Tn May 31, 1862 for 3 years, he was on roll May to August 1862 and was charged 36.80 for use of horse, and Sept and Oct 1862 he was transferred to Co. I, 12, TN Vols. His military papers there consist of nine cards and he is in Lillard's Tenn Mtd Inf. from may to August 1863 he is present in Decatur TN, he was captured at Big Black May 17, 1863 by the Army of the Tennessee and sent to Memphis TN May 25, 1863, the last six cards he is listed as a Prisoner of War, sent from Camp Mort, Ind to Fort Delaware, June 22, 1863. Apparently he tried to escape in Memphis because the next card states he was captured in Raymond, Miss May 22, 1863. The next card says he was sent from Fort Delaware, Del to City Point, VA for exchange, however a hand written note at the bottom of the card states he died in the hospital in Ft. Delaware June 23, 1863. The last two cards were dated in June with no additional information.

(I am sure this is the James Crye I sent you earlier buried at Finn's Point, Salem New Jersey.)


Joseph B. Crye,
Co. H, 59th TN Mtd Inf. Cooke's Regt.
He enlisted in Athens, TN, McMinn County April 14, 1862 for 12 months. He was age 25. He appears on Roll for May & June, 1862 as absent, the note says he is sick at home in McMinn Co. TN. On the Sept & Oct roll he is listed as present and on the November & December roll he is listed as Deceased November 23, 1862.

(James and Joseph B. Crye are sons of William Crye and Elizabeth Barker, son of William Crye and Sarah Hagan Crye.)


Jonathan Crye,
TN 62nd Mtd Inf Co F, only three cards available.
He enlisted September 24, 1862 in Louden, Louden County TN under Capt James Blair for three years. He was present January 1, 1863 for roll call. He is listed present March and April roll call for 1863 but the handwritten note at the bottom lists: died April 9, 1863 in Regimental Hospital. Following this company we found the battle was in Vicksburg MS. McClure's group fought in the December conflict and February listing 9 wounded and 9 killed. The next skirmish was in May/June so Jonathan was one of the 9 wounded in the February conflict and died in April. This was my gggrandfather. No additional information is known of his military activity.


Tennessee Confederate / Federal Service

H.C. Crye,
Co. K 43rd Tenn Inf
He has 14 cards in his military file. The first card May & June states he joined for 12 months, enlisting December 12, 1861 from Cleveland, TN. The card is dated May & June 1862, H.C. is present with the remark, Joined by transfer from 36th Regt Tennessee Vol on June 23, substituted by Gen M.M. Cooper. He is present July & August 1862. On the Sept & October 1862 card it states he joined in Ooletawah, TN (which is about 30 miles from Cleveland, TN), he is present on each of the following cards through May & June 1863. July & August he is listed as absent, the remarks state he was paroled at Vicksburg and has not reported to his company. The next card is a Roll of prisoners of war. It lists he was captured July 4, 1863 at Vicksburg. There is a list of one prisoner of War record dated July 9, 1863 stating: To all whom it may concern, know ye that I H.C. Cry, a private of Co. K 43rd Regt TN Vols, CSA being a prisoner of war, in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison, by Leiut Gen John C. Pemberton, CSA, commanding on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulations, give this my solemn parole under oath--- That I will not take up arms again against the United States, nor serve in any military, police, or constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or Field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, nor as guard of prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers, against the United States of America, until duly exchanged by the proper authorities. Attested by J.N. Hickin? H.C. Cry (his mark), Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss, this 9th day of July 1863. 20th Regt Illinois Vol, Capt and Paroling officer. (I think this is the same as Henry Clay Crye below)



Henry C. Crye
Co. H 10th Tenn CAV "Union"
The next soldier is a Union soldier listed as Henry C. Crye. Henry C. Crye Co. H 10th Tenn CAV "Union" There are eleven military cards in his file, listing his age as 19, Mustered in at Chattanooga, TN for 3 years on Feb 2, 1864. He is listed present from Feb 1864 through June 1865. His last settlement was made in June 1865 with him drawing 104.19 and owing the U.S. 34.65.

(1. I don't know if this is the same as H.C. Crye listed immediately above or not. He could have been captured and sent to serve in the Union Army as he did sign a paper, but I don't know.)

(2This is Henry Clay, son of Jonathan, son of William Crye [Rev War Vet. and Sarah Hagans Crye) )


Tennessee: Union

Hugh Crye,
Co H. 4th Tn Inf Union Soldier.
There are nine cards in his military file with the first listing he was born in Macon Co. TN, age 23 years, enlisted July 4th 1864 in Kingston, TN for 3 years. He has gray eyes, light hair, dark complexion, height 5ft 8in. He is listed as present from July 1864 until August 1865 when he is mustered out owing the U.S. army $46.89. He was age 24 at this time.

Now, this might be the H.C. Crye listed above. I just don't know.


NOTE:  See also the account of Jonathon Simmons Crye in Vol I  Issue 3 of the Cry/Crye News Letter - JSC was murdered at
Tomotly Ford,  Tennessee on his way to enlist in the Union army in 1863.

NOTE:    None of the Tennessee Crye's were pensioned.