Computer Modeling for Archaeologists

This page will eventually bring together links to sites that summarize on going simulation based archaeological research and related links to modeling and simulation methodologies.

Links to Archaeological Simulation Reseach

Links to Computer Simualtion Theory and Methods

Brint: Chaos Theory Applications in Organizations
University of Wisconsin: OOP Environment for Simulation Studies
WWW Virtual Library -- Computing: Index of sites - in categories
Moshe Sipper (Scientist) : Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems
John Koza: Modeling with Gentic Programming
fsu Computer Simulations: Index of Simulation Sites and Suggestions for Evaluations

Artifact Style Dynamics: Cultural Transmission, Population Structure, and Frequency Seriation by Carl Lipo, Mark Madsen, & Tim Hunt, University of Washington
The Importance of Cultural Variability: An Evolutionary Perspective by Carl P. Lipo & Mark E. Madsen, University of Washington

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