An Open Letter From Mike Shaver

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The letter on this web page was emailed by Mike Shaver to the Descendents of John and Edith (Davis Taylor) Crye following a meeting of researchers interested in Crye geneology and associated families. / jet



Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 22:05:40 EDT

To: [snip....list deleted /jet]

Subject: Edith Davis Taylor Ancestry

To Descendants of Edith Davis Taylor/John Crye and Interested Parties

From: Mike Shaver

I am pleased to announce that the genealogical mystery surrounding the identity and ancestry of Edith Davis Taylor has been solved thanks to the research of Judy Hopkins ( ) and Paul Sigler ( ). The latter who forwarded some of the initial information and made the referral that led me to Judy.

I am attaching a Family Tree Maker Report that I have copied to an MSWord file that I hope you will all be able to read (most of you have done this before). It is a descendant report for William Davis (Edith's Grandfather) and includes my summarized versions of the voluminous information that Judy (and Paul) provided. I want to apologize to Judy in advance for my awkward summarizations and for any errors that I have interjected into her work. But I wanted to try to get it into a format that could be adopted to the FTM program that most of us run. For those of you who wish more detailed information, I am informed that Judy is preparing a manuscript and might be coaxed into sharing some copies with those who ask.

At the same time I hope that information that Judy has provided will encourage some of you to do some digging of your own and perhaps help us further extend the Davis line and the work already done. And, of course, I would ask that you share anything you find with the rest of us - particularly Judy and Paul who have done so much heavy lifting in the preliminary work.

Good Hunting

Mike Shaver

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