PAGE 2 --- Henry Crye Series Text By Mike Shaver

Descendants of HENRIE CRYE

Generation No. 5

5. JOHN5 CRYE (JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, HENRIE1)8 was born May 26, 1727 in Jurby, Isle of Man, and died January 27, 1794 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina.
He married CATHERINE MARGARET SHIMMIN9 April 22, 1751 in Kirk German, Ilsle of Man.

Notes for JOHN CRYE:
John Crye was born and raised on the Isle of Man where he made his living as a "clothier". He migrated to America with his wife and family around 1758 settling in Chester, Pennsylvania [just west of Philadelphia] where he lived as a "plantation owner" until after 1790 when he was identified in the census there. Shortly thereafter he apparently moved to Mecklenburg County, NC where most of his children were located and where he eventually died in 1794.

The Will of John Crye (1727-1794) is quoted below:

Probated July 1808 Court.
Being weak in body, I give my wife Catherine a third of the profit from my land together with the use of the dwelling house I live in, the barn and other outbuildings during her life. I give to my son David the house I now live in with its outbuildings, 200 acres on which the house stands out of a 400 acre tract, and an adjacent parcel of 50 acres out of the tract of 100 acres last taken by me. I give to my son John my old plantation of 182 acres, together with the other 50 acres out of the 100 acres mentioned above. I give my son James the other 200 acres out of the 400-acre tract. I give to my daughter Isabella a sorrel mare, two cows, two feather beds and bedclothes and her saddle. I give to my daughter Sarah, wife of Andrew Walker, and to my daughter Catherine, wife of Joshua Gordon, each a cow. I give to my son William and my daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Walker, each a Spanish milled dollar. All the balance of my personal estate is for the use of my wife. Executors: Son David, and son-in-law Thomas Walker.

Children of JOHN CRYE and CATHERINE SHIMMIN are: 6.