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Summer agcrye@bellsouth.net1998


Great news, there seems to be much interest in tracing our heritage and especially our family name. Recently there was a meeting in Wisconsin with thirteen committed researchers meeting and sharing information they have gleaned over the years. Mike Shaver coordinated the meeting getting a place where they could all share and supplying locations for copying photos, disks and written information.

My plans were to be there with them, however, complications in my area prevented the trip. However, they have not been closeted with their information and already I have received much data and clarification of marriages and parental lineages of some in question. I am grateful for their continued work and freedom to share the Northern line of Crye’s. The Southern line has taken so many avenues that tracing it all together is a creative effort in coordination.

This week on the web I located six men who were listed in the World War I Civilian Draft Registration. Of the six, four were listed from Madison, LA born between 1880 and 1898. The remaining two were from Arkansas and were white. Many of our Louisiana and Mississippi Crye’s seem to descend from David Crye who was married to a Celia, Holly, or Hettie. So far this David has me confused as to where he falls in the lineage.

Each time I search the web I have copied much material for the Crye line, but putting it all to gather is a tough job. Without input from additional family members I am afraid that I may make "assumptive" mistakes. So, if there are mistakes in the family connections, please don’t hesitate to inform me and share your knowledge.

I look forward to additional communication with each of you and until then, may we all have success in "Connecting the Dots." Anita

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